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Jaya Hotels & Residences

Two decades of successful collaborations with leading hospitality brands and celebrated design across the continents afforded Jaya the inspiration to establish an entirely new hospitality brand, manifesting their values and commitment to luxury, location and service. Elevating the traditional paradigm between architect, designer and operator, Jaya Hotels & Residences represents a natural yet revolutionary progression.

To complement the exceptional concept and design of Jaya Hotels & Residences’ properties, an exciting hotel management partnership with Two Roads Hospitality has been established for their operation. Having masterfully built and ardently nurtured a unique family of six hospitality brands, Two Roads Hospitality has become one of the world’s largest independent hospitality management companies with over 95 hotels across the globe, each delivering sustainable and lasting value.

Jaya’s signature style is, quite simply, the quintessence of sophisticated elegance

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The Jaya Lifestyle

Distinguished by a unique vision realised across a strategic portfolio of iconic real estate around the globe, the exceptional properties crafted and operated by Jaya Hotels & Residences will enhance the lives of the most discerning international travellers with knowledgeable yet discreet service, innovative technology and insightful guest experiences.

The Jaya Touch

Steeped in Asian traditions, educated in Western philosophy and deeply committed to respecting the natural and indigenous elements of each unique location, the Jaya Ibrahim legacy brings a distinct, stylish touch to every iconic property that bears his name. Jaya – honouring the ancient whilst elegantly advancing the boundaries of modernity, crafting subtle yet inspiring environments to create extraordinary destinations – for a lasting memory. An artistic visionary in his own right, Jaya’s legacy is one of timelessness and repute.

Today, his innate ability to seek and find expression through design lives on, as Jaya Hotels & Residences continues to embody the very creativity and exacting standards exemplified by Jaya Ibrahim throughout his prolific career.

Walking into a space designed by Jaya is like being transported into a Zen-filled zone, where harmony and tranquility envelope your senses.

The Peak, Malaysia